LoL: Hylissang tackles Fnatic and Yamato: “We only played five scrims during the Worlds”

Fnatic and Hylissang’s joint history has come to an end after five years full of ups and downs. Rhuckz will move up to the main team, while the Bulgarian will be looking for a new challenge as a MAD Lions player. After the announcement of his transfer to the lions, Hylissang caught up with Jaxon.GG for an interview in which they touched on many interesting points.

The one we are going to focus on is the preparation of Fnatic for Worlds . After all the inconveniences of Upset and Hylissang due to the Covid, several additional problems have been added, such as the screen of Razork or the lack of scrims during the weeks spent in the United States.

Yamato, the main defendant in these statements

Although Fnatic’s coach isn’t mentioned directly, the Bulgarian’s statements are clearly aimed at him. According to him, the team was not sufficiently trained or prepared, whereas it is normally the responsibility of the technical staff.

We hadn’t prepared any strategy, second options or anything for the Play-In. It was just: pick this champion and hopefully go well. Communications were not good during the games, because everyone was sick. With a cough, it was difficult to communicate. For example, I didn’t train a lot because I was sick and trying to recover. Plus, I flew in a day before my first game, and I couldn’t even do soloQ once I got there. I was very poorly prepared and it was very difficult to play against good teams.

During the Play-ins, we managed to make decent matches against the other teams. But when we had to face supposedly stronger teams, we tried to play like in the LEC playoffs. It was quite difficult to play against the new strategies that the teams in our group had prepared during their scrimssaid the current MAD Lions supporter.

Fnatic only played five scrims during Worlds

After this statement, the interviewer Yohan Markov was logically surprised. This adds a lot of value to Fnatic’s first week of the group stage, in which they finished 2-1, beating eventual tournament finalists Cloud9 and T1.

No, we didn’t have practice sessions. We played maybe a scrim or two, and that was with Razork who could barely play because his PC had FPS issues. What I practiced the most for Worlds was 2v2 duels with Upset against other bot laners. Everything else was SoloQ which wasn’t very productive and then the official matches on stage,” commented support.

Finally, he mentioned if they could have played under normal conditions, without covid and without these problems of preparation, Hylissang believes that going through the groups would have been a realistic objective for the team seeing the level of Korea and of China in the rest of the competition.



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