LoL: Important changes for Master Yi on the PBE

If there is a champion who is debating on League of Legends, it is Master Yi. Indeed, the champion is keenly criticized at low elo by beginner players unable to counter it while the best players do it quite easily and know their weaknesses. However, this assassin is not popular at the moment and even less in official competitions, where he has not been chosen since last Januarywhile his win rate in ranked games is around 46% in diamond and more.

In fact, Riot Games has decided to modify some of the champion’s statistics on the PBE, including the range of his auto attack. The latter received a significant buff sinceit goes from 125 to 175, which should allow him to improve his ability to inflict damage, especially under ultimate. Besides that, his W- Meditation also undergoes changes with a large cooldown reduction from 28 seconds to 9 seconds.

the mana cost also decreased from 50 to 40 + 6% of maximum mana per second. Finally, during 0.5 seconds after casting the spell, Master Yi receives 60% Tenacity, enough to allow him to more easily resist controls, which is his main weakness at the moment. To see if all these changes will allow the Fine Blade Wuju to Reclaim Summoner’s Rift but that should not delight low elo players. To be seen when they get to Summoner’s Rift but we can bet on patch 12.13 or even 12.14.

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