LOL IRL: what we know about the surprise spin-off of LOL Who Laughs comes out

Amazon Prime Video renews Lol who laughs, comes out with a season 5, but also with a new spin-off series. After Lol who screams, comes out for Halloween, LOL: IRL will be a version… in real life.

“IRL” for In Real Life : series LOL who laughs, comes out will go out into the street. Imagine meeting Jérôme Commandeur, and telling him a joke while he has to curb his laughter? Here is the pitch of LOL: IRLa spin-off which will arrive in a few months on Prime Video.

Three days after releasing the final episodes of season 4 of LOL, the director of original productions for Prime Video in France, Thomas Dubois, gave an interview to Le Figaro. He reveals the future projects of the license, which is still popular in France.

LOL: IRL, celebrities at the supermarket

The four seasons of Lol who laughs, comes out and the only season of Lol who screams, comes out have one thing in common: they take place in a fake TV studio apartment. This atmosphere reality show made the show successful, but production now wants to try something different. LOL: IRL will happen in the street, in stores or in museums, with celebrities forced not to laugh among normal people, who asked for nothing. They can come and disturb them, to eliminate them.

Amazon has confirmed the two new series.
Amazon has confirmed the two new series. // Source: X

“We’re going to do a new spin-off called “LOL: IRL”” announces Thomas Dubois in Le Figaro. “ This time, the game will be relocated, it will no longer be on set, but in real life locations. We’re testing something else. This effective rule, which is not to laugh, will no longer take place only in a closed place, which is the set in which we shoot each time, but in real life “.

With this new format, Thomas Dubois hopes to create moments “magical” and unexpected, thanks to interactions with strangers. The show will be filmed between June and September, since the Olympic Games complicate a lot of things. No decision has been made on the casting, which could bring back old candidates, but also bring out new ones.

The LOL IRL logo.  // Source: Prime VideoThe LOL IRL logo.  // Source: Prime Video

At the same time, Amazon will be filming season 5 of LOL who laughs, comes out, with a cast almost complete. He will return to the show’s emblematic studio. A season 2 of Lol who screams, comes out has also been mentioned in recent days, without confirmation from Amazon.

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