LoL: Jankos in Japan, a not innocent “surprise” meeting

Photo: ebihuryahurya

In Europe, the competitive season of League of Legends is over and it will be necessary to return to 2023 to watch games. In the meantime, the players are on vacation and busy themselves as best they can. Jankos, cast aside by G2 Esport does not seem stressed by his situation. The veteran is currently on a trip to South Korea. He meets beautiful people there and we saw him making a video with pyosikthe 2022 world champion.

The Pole also took the opportunity to make a short detour to Japan … He notably met another professional player there and their little meeting was certainly not innocent. This gives an additional indication of its next destination.

Jankos welcomed by a future teammate?

Do you believe in coincidences? Jankos was welcomed in Japan by Shunsuke”Evi” Murase. For those who don’t know, this is the top laner of DFM, the Japanese team that has represented the LJL in recent international tournaments (Worlds and MSI). Known for his thumbs up when he appears at the camera, he has proven on several occasions that he has a respectable level for a player from a minor region.

The jungler and the toplaner must surely know each other, having participated in international competitions at the same time. But this meeting could also mean much more… The two players are announced by leakers at Team Heretics next year. There’s nothing official yet, but it’s starting to show a lot of signs that point in the same direction. It remains to be seen whether the French analyst Tolki, also present during the meeting, will have a place with Team Heretics.

The formalization is coming soon!

In any case, we should soon have the answers to our questions. The official start of the transfer window should begin soon and the structures will make their announcements one after the other. There is really no more suspense, since the whistleblowers have uncovered the majority of the secrets. It’s a bit of a shame for the announcement effects, but the community is very fond of exclusives.


On the Karmine Corp side, we certainly haven’t forgotten Jakub “Cinkrof” Rokicki. Former team captain, he gave fans a crazy year in 2021. After a deserved promotion in the LEC, his League of Legends career will however come to a halt.

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