LoL: Karmine in the LEC? Wooloo takes stock of progress

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Currently, the soap opera KC to LEC passionate and there are more twists and turns than in an American series. While leakers, more or less reliable, blow hot and cold within the community, LEC Wooloo spoke yesterday in an organized space alongside Coco_VLR and Paul Arrived (The Team). More than 6,000 curious people responded to gather as much information as possible. The suspense remains intact and the little sheep has not given a definitive answer. He did, however, offer some very interesting background that explains why this case is taking so long!

We were obviously listening during the exchange and we allowed ourselves to participate by asking a few questions. For those who missed the boat, here’s what not to miss.

Why is the deal between Astralis and Karmine Corp so complicated to set up?

It’s no secret that if the Karmine Corp. manages to integrate the LEC in 2023, it will be thanks to a deal concluded with Astralis, a structure already present in the European elite. This is the only option available, as KC did not buy the slot from Misfits Gaming and Rogue would have preferred to make a deal with KOI. But while many observers believed that an answer would be found this week, in the end it will still have to wait. Many details need to be settled.

If we understood Wooloo’s words correctly, there was no response because there was no offer yet! Even if Astralis has a slot in LEC, it is she who must send a proposal to Karmine Corp, and the latter is long overdue. The red star is ready to give up its place, but it will not do so for free. She intends to obtain in the transaction a share of KC. It now remains to agree on a percentage. Kameto could therefore lose the majority within its own structure… knowing in addition that currently the property rights are already shared between Kamel and Prime. Astralis could therefore be in the majority and have enormous weight in the decisions, without even needing 51%. It should also be noted that we are talking about shares within Karmine Corp in the broad sense. If we are not mistaken, Astralis could therefore also benefit from KC’s influence on other esports games, such as Valorant Where Rocket League… So the deal may not be as advantageous as it seems!

What is the sequence of events?

Among the Ultras, we don’t really know if it’s a good or a bad idea.

It is currently impossible to know whether or not KC will go to the LEC for 2023. As Wooloo had already said, the ball is in the court of the Karmine Corp, who must accept or not the future offer that will be made to them. In space, we learned that Astralis was not not particularly in financial difficulty. If the opportunity to benefit from the buzz of KC is real, the leaders of the red star do not have the knife under the throat. They could therefore be very greedy…

However, it should be noted that two elements still play in favor of KC:

  • The price of an LEC slot is very expensive today (more than 30 million euros). In case expansion, we can imagine that prices will fall. Astralis could therefore take this opportunity to get a good deal today, since tomorrow it would be more complicated.
  • The fact that KC is accepted into the circuit VCT makes the brand even more attractive, it will count in the balance.

Last little detail: players currently under contract with Astralis will have to sign a new contract if the slot is donated to Karmine Corp. The latter should have a priority option, but there is no obligation to keep the previous elements.


The soap opera Ocelote has surely shot its last episode. The Spaniard, caught in a resounding drama suffered the wrath of the networks. His apologies and the semblance of a sanction taken by G2 Esports did not convince, which prompted him to opt for a more drastic decision.

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