LoL: Misfits Gaming would leave the LEC and sell their slot to another team

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According to Eros, a Spanish journalist, Misfits Gaming will announce that it is selling its LEC slot to another structure tomorrow, all eyes are on possible buyers…

The news comes fromEros who announced that Misfits Gaming has reportedly decided to sell its place in the LEC and that the structure will announce, tomorrow, the new owner. Several names come up in discussions around the possible new owner.

teams like the Karmine Corp. or Team Heretics have expressed their desire to access the European League of Legends championship. Unfortunately, some sources came to calm the expectations of the fans. Indeed, according to LEC Wooloo, KCorp would not have bought the slot if it had already been sold. For the moment, nothing is official yet, Misfits Gaming should communicate about this announcement very soon.

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