LoL: Misfits Premier, still 4 titles with the LFL

Photo: T. Verdeil

Misfits Premier is currently living his last moments in the LFL. There is still a Summer Split over and a French Cup to play, but the rabbits will leave our league very soon… Stopping its League of Legends section or leaving for the NA region, it is still too early to project. On our side, we intend to take full advantage of this team, which is part of the history of the LFL. Present since the launch of the league in 2019, it will have had time to harvest 4 nice trophies which place it in the most decorated structures in France.

1 win in the LFL playoffs

The term champion of France is a bit ambiguous given that its use is sometimes confusing. We still tend to think that the “real champion of France“, it’s the one who wins a segment (Spring or Summer) with a regular season and playoffs. In this little game, Misfits Premier managed to ascend the throne during the Summer Split 2021 by overcoming the Karmine Corp (3-1) The team was not the original favourite, but they had managed a good comeback in the bracket and had imposed their law in the final.

  • Roster at the time: Agresivoo, Shlatan, Sertuss, Woolite, Jactroll

2 wins at the LFL Finals

League of Legends

Difficult to evaluate this competition which has now disappeared. For a long time every year, the LFL organized seasonal finals with the 3 best teams (the most regular) of the year, for a final confrontation. Because of the calendar, the players sometimes arrived on the kneecaps and some teams had already started their transfer window. But a title is still a title and Misfits Premier has managed to win twice. No one has done better and a priori, no one will be able to do it.

  • LFL Finals 2021: Agresivoo, Shlatan, Sertuss, Woolite, Jactroll
  • LFL Finals 2020: Agresivoo, Kirei, Ronaldo, Saken, Jezu, Targamas

1 victory at the EUM

League of Legends

Misfits Premier also picked up the first EUM victory in the French league. In Spring 2019, the team beat SK Prime in the final 3-0. Since then, the competition has become the garden of France, but at the time, the balance of power was much more balanced. The Spanish and German leagues were benchmarks. Since then, times have changed…

  • Roster at the time: Dan Dan, Obsess, LIDER, Neon, H1IVA


The LFL isn’t over yet, but we’re already looking forward to the next European Masters… It must be said that France has got into the good habit of winning everything and the French league dominates the small European League of Legends scene. But change is to be expected at the EUM!

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