LoL: NUCLEARINT, a look back at its complicated year in the LEC

In League of Legends, the media likes to focus on the winners, who break records and lift trophies. But, everyone can not burst the screen. In the LEC, far from the front runners, one team had a very complicated year. Team BDS discovered the European elite in pain after buying the slot from Schalke 04. 9th in the spring, it is doing even worse this summer with a 10th place already validated.

In this galley, the players do not abdicate however. Despite the results, they continue to motivate themselves to show a positive face. In this difficult context, the French NUCLEARINT is trying to hold its head high. He still managed to learn a lot of things during the season and he intends to bounce back in 2023, whether at BDS or elsewhere.

Survival more than development

NUCLEARINT is in the process of concluding its 3rd leg in the LEC. Unfortunately for him, it was always very complicated. Whether it is at Schalke 04 or at Team BDS, he failed to qualify once for the playoffs. His winrate is a bit of a pain, especially when you know the individual potential of this young midlaner. But, rather than overwhelm it, we must look at the context in which it always evolved. The tricolor speaks of survival and if this term may seem a bit strong, it is not totally wrong.

At Schalke 04, he was promoted from the academy team while the structure was selling his slot. The goal was to tighten the belt and it was not really ideal to get a place in the LEC. At BDS, a new project has been launched. But, there again, he was not put in the best of arrangements. In Spring, the workforce lacked a bit of experience. He probably needed more time to progress… but the leaders turned everything upside down for the Summer by making several changes. It took start again from the beggining and Team BDS failed to launch a new dynamic. The balance sheet is starving and the season was over before it even really started. However, NUCLEARINT does not intend to end up coasting. For him and for his reputation, he wants to send back a good image until the end.


League of Legends has some great stories to tell. In Europe, the 2015 Fnatic made history and everyone remembers the roster that slammed an 18-0 in the regular season. Huni, Reignover, FEBIVEN, Rekkles and YellOwStaR… Where are they today?

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