LoL: PSG Unified “The best MSI botlane is GALA/ming!”

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It’s hard to get more irregular than the PSG during this MSI. Capable of the best and the worst, the team is currently in difficulty. With 3 wins for 5 losses, his future is no longer really in his hands and his presence in the top 4 is not at all assured. While the team had managed to play the Knockout Stage last year, this theoretical but very possible regression would inevitably be experienced as a disappointment.

However, at the start of the day the players had done the work to beat a second time G2 Esports. But all this work was ruined by a surprise defeat in the second part against the Vietnamese of saigon buffalo. The little brothers have played a bad trick on their elders and this defeat could weigh very heavily in the balance. Stunned but not shot, we had the opportunity to interview Unified after the slide. He still wants to believe in it for the future, even if he knows that it will surely be very complicated.

Transcription of the interview in French

We would like to thank the MSI translator who provided the English-Mandarin translation during the interview.

Hello Unified and thank you for granting us this interview. To begin, I would like to know if for you it is a good or a bad day, given that you won the first game before losing the second…

PSG Unified: I personally think it’s a bad day for us. Yesterday after our first victory against G2, I had the feeling that we had managed to make life easier by opening up real chances to reach the semi-finals. The first game of the day reinforced this trend. But then we lost against SGB… We could see during their match against RNG that they were good and they managed to knock us down. They were already eliminated from the competition and I think they were able to play liberated and without stress.

PSG showed a lot of irregularity during the MSI, whether during phase 1 or the Rumble. Do you have an explanation for this? Is it because of the metagame, stress?

It is true that our form has been very changing during the tournament. We played some matches under enormous pressure and it shows on the pitch. Our course is complicated and being behind our competitors for the qualification race does not help us.

Tomorrow you still have two big games to play against EG and RNG. In the event of a double victory, you will surely be in the semi-finals. What do you think of your next two opponents?

I’m not very optimistic… For me RNG is really the best team in the tournament, whether collectively or individually. To qualify, we will surely have to win twice as you said, so it seems a bit complicated. We should manage to improve on many points by tomorrow.

How do you assess the level of botlanes at MSI?

I think GALA and Ming are the best botlane in MSI. Gumayusi and Keria are playing better and better, but it’s still a notch below.

You who played and beat G2 Esports twice, do you have an opinion on their current state of form?

I think they may be struggling to adapt to the meta. I watched videos of their performances during the LEC playoffs and they were really impressive, especially in the bottom lane. But they remain adversaries to watch.


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