LoL: Riot Games’ new strategy to eradicate bots in soloQ!

Four months ago we were already talking about the problems with bots and the fact that their number is increasing considerably in League of Legends. Riot Games wants try to stop this once and for all by deleting all accounts that use third-party programs to play their games (LoL and Valorant, even LoR).

The bots often play Yuumi because it is more difficult to detect if the little pussy is played by a human being or a third-party program, sinceshe doesn’t need to move. However other champions can be used, such as Nami, Amumu or Taric who are part of the characters most frequently reported as being played by AI rather than humans.

The change on Riot’s roadmap

The streamer QRCinderella, who has nearly 800,000 subscribers on Twitch, was one of the last people to experience this issue. Apparently his ranked seemed normal, his support Taric started doing strange things. He didn’t help the jungler on his first camp, he let the content creator die during the first exchanges with the opponents, and he shifted in a very weird way on the other lanes, at random times… This Taric therefore had all the characteristics of a troll, or a bot. When the streamer went to see her history, there was no longer any doubt: her support was not a human.

Riot has already set to work on this subject, following the increase in the number of reports. For now, they have changed some priorities of their roadmap, to prevent these bots from flooding the low elo. At the moment, as they commented in a Reddit post, first steps have been taken all to try to curb this problem. Nevertheless, the League of Legends publisher also acknowledged that they still have work to do in this area, and that it is impossible to resolve this situation overnight.

Two birds with one stone for Riot Games?

If you play low Elo, and one of your mates meets these three criteria:

  • play bracket
  • win rate less than 30%
  • don’t ban champions

then you better dodge, because you’re probably in the presence of a bot. You have nothing to gain by playing other than having a bad time.

The vast majority of accounts using these programs are purchased later, for a variety of reasons. By banning bots directly, Riot would practically two birds with one stone : these would no longer spoil the experience of other players, and the account would not be resold.

If unfortunately you have an experience like this in one of your games, don’t hesitate and report it. The system will eventually detect the bot and ban the account, preventing it from harming the rest of League of Legends users.


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