LoL: Riot is still working on Ahri’s visual overhaul, but that will have to wait until 2023.


LoL: Riot is still working on Ahri’s visual overhaul, but that will have to wait until 2023.



Announced earlier this year, Ahri’s visual overhaul is well underway. However, you will have to be patient since the new Nine-Tailed Fox will not arrive until early 2023 in Summoner’s Rift.

Riot Games did not skimp on announcements in its latest video presenting the changes coming to League of Legends in the coming months. The studio notably revealed the name of the next character to join the Summoner’s Rift, K’Sante, the famous tank top, but also gave the first clues about the new champions who will arrive in early 2023.

Medium-scale update, two new champions have been announced, Neeko and Syndra. However, another update, visual this time, has been expected for a while: that of Ahri, announced at the beginning of the year.

A revamp that is desired

Many summoners have been asking for news of this famous visual overhaul for some time. After hard work from the development team, they showed a good amount of images and videos of what the champion will look like. The base version is pretty much complete, but it looks like the time has come to visually change all of Ahri’s skins.

The champion currently has an impressive number of 12 different skins (13 if we include the base splashart), so it’s only fitting that it’s taken this long to visually fix one of the oldest champions in the game. ‘Ahri, but it is likely that she will arrive at the beginning of season 13 and that we’ll see the full champion at the big annual conference in January 2023.

After announcing the future of League of Legends in terms of gameplay or new champions, Riot Games wanted to show players some new skins that will be coming this season that have caused a stir with the community.

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