LoL: Riot’s human error in the latest patch explains why the game has “so many” bugs

The League of Legends community is particularly demanding about the level of quality of the title and asks Riot Games for a game that is completely bug-free. This is a reasonable request from the players, who need to set the bar high for the game to run as well as possible. However, there are times when it is almost impossible for developers to do their job. This is what we often say when a new bug is discovered. Rarely, however, have we seen an example as egregious as the one that occurred after the release of patch 12.22.

An insignificant error that causes a catastrophic bug

With the release of the 2023 preseason, the Techno-Chemical Dragon has been reintroduced to the game. This monster was already known to the community, but it was redesigned from scratch to change all the bonuses it offered or the transformation it caused in Summoner’s Rift. The new version is much more appreciated by the community and less disruptive to the game. However, there are three champions that caused Riot Games a big problem. They are Karthus, Kog’Maw and Sion. They can all revive “inexplicably” if they have the Techno-Chemical soul.

The interaction doesn’t seem to make sense, because the new version of the Techno-chemical soul is not able to revive champions. Plus, we know the dragon was programmed from scratch after disappearing at the start of last season. A situation that raised doubts within the community when they saw the same video clip that you can see above. Fortunately, a Riot Games employee wanted to dispel the doubts of all League of Legends players by explaining why this bug occurred. A clarification which, by the way, made it possible to understand how the slightest oversight can lead to this type of scenario.

Riot GalaxySmash, part of the League of Legends analysis team, explained the situation. He confirmed that the dragon is brand new, but also thatsome of the working code for the Techno-Chemical Soul was written into the champions themselves and not the neutral monster. Basically, Riot Games created exceptions for characters that had death-related passives (like Karthus, Sion, and Kog’Maw) so that they worked logically (death, soul activation, then passive) . Now what happened is that they forgot to delete it. The Techno-chemical soul having returned to the game, the special code of these characters is re-executed by generating the bug.

Riot Games promised to fix the bug as soon as possible

A Riot Games employee, who may not even work for the company or play League of Legends anymore, added a few lines of code that were essential for one of the game’s hundreds of elements to work as intended. . When this item was removed, nothing must have been touched, which is the best way to avoid further bugs. It wasn’t until a year later that the company was forced to make changes and became aware of the problem. Of all the bugs in League of Legends, we don’t know of one that’s more humane.

No matter how talented the developers are, the human factor is part of League of Legends and there’s no way to prevent oversights or oversights from happening.. Especially when you’re dealing with so many factors that Riot Games employees have to manage.



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