LoL: Syndra will be entitled to a mini-rework

In recent years, Riot Games has decided to bring up to date the first champions released on League of Legends or those that are neglected by players. Among all these reworks, there are two types, complete reworks as can be that of Udyr recently, or the mini-reworks as those of Ahri or Taliyah. The latter have also been a great success and it is for this reason that Riot continues to perform on backing champions.

Next on the list is none other than Syndraunavoidable on the midlane in recent seasons but which is a little less in the spotlight this year. It is for this reason that Riot decided to give it a makeover. Among the notable changes, we obviously find the fact that his ultimate will now execute champions below 15% of their max HP. To compensate for this, damage per sphere is reduced at rank 3 as well as % AP damage.

As for the other changes, in addition to those concerning cooldowns, mana cost and damage, we find the Scatter the Weak (E) who sees its range angle increased from 34° to 56°. The duration of the stun is reduced but will slow enemies when Syndra reaches a certain number of shards, which is in her new passive. Indeed, now Syndra will collect shards by dealing damage to opposing champions and leveling up. This will allow him, like his old liability, to improve their skills.

To note that this rework is already available on the PBE for 12.19 but all this is still subject to some modifications. In any case, get ready to see the Dark Sovereign again on Summoner’s Rift and especially in competition, even if this rework will not be available for Worlds starting in a few days.

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