LoL: Team Aegis intends to take over the Misfits slot and enter the LFL

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A few days ago, Misfits announced its withdrawal from the LEC and the LFL. An opportunity for Team Aegis, which intends to recover the latter’s slot in the French league.

While Team Heretics has just bought the slot from Misfits Gaming in LFL, the LFL loses one of its members for the 2023 season. In effect, the arrival of Misfits in LEC comes with his departure to the LFL. Thus his slot is currently free, and according to the organizers of the league, it will not be sold, but property allocated in the weeks or months to come through a call for tenders.

At this announcement, several structures want to jump at the chance. According to some sources, structures like Mandatory founded by ZeratoR or BMS Esports founded by JoelPostBad intend to take this chance to join the competitive League of Legends scene. This is also the case of Team Aegis, the TFT formation founded by MisterMV, DFG and Shaunz which confirmed the structure’s desire to join the LFL on the #Analysis set of our colleagues from OTP.

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