LoL: Technical problems delay the arrival of the Aurelion Sol rework on the PBE – League of Legends

On March 24, 2016, League of Legends welcomed Aurelion Sol, also called the Star Forger. This imposing dragon had aroused a lot of interest from players at the time, before finally quickly fall into oblivion. For good reason, the stars that revolve around him were complex to manage and he could easily be countered by many champions. Having become virtually non-existent on Summoner’s Rift, the developers then decided to give it a little rework to regain some popularity.

So the new champion skill set was unveiled a few weeks ago and these look quite powerful. Goodbye spinning stars, Aurelion Sol can now spit bluish flames while flying and cause a star to fall from the sky whose shock wave seems to do serious damage. What a great community that was impatiently waiting for the new dragon to arrive on the PBE. However, that won’t be for a while yet, as one of the MOBA champions’ producers, Rob “Riot King Cobra” Rosa, announced on Twitter. a delay in its release.

In his tweet, Rob Rosa mentions technical problems without giving more details. This could potentially be related to the social engineering attack that Riot Games suffered a few days ago, causing the delay or even cancellation of the deployment of patches for several games including League of Legends and TFT.

So that players can still have new information about the champion, videos of her skins and gameplay should be unveiled in the coming days. However, a delay on the PBE also heralds a delay on its official release, presumed for patch 13.3. Depending on the extent of the technical problems and the feedback that will be made by the community, Aurelion Sol may return to the Rift later than expected. Case to follow.

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