LoL: The beautiful revenge of Upset on the Worlds with Fnatic

Photo: LoL Esports

The first day at Worlds 2022 from fnatic was fraught with danger. Between an absent Support, a player most likely jetlagged and small residues of drama, the team did not really inspire serenity. But the first night went very well and the fans can have a smile. First place is within reach and we have a good chance of finding the 3rd seed of the LEC in the Main Event.

Cherry on the cake, Upset managed to collect the first tournament pentakill. It is above all symbolic, but it still inspires hope for the future. Fnatic, it may be more serious than expected!

1st Worlds pentakill, 2nd career pentakill

This is only the 2nd career pentakill from Upset, who had picked up another one in 2019 with Schalke 04. But this one will necessarily have a particular taste. In addition to being achieved at the Worlds, it above all allows you to take a nice revenge. While the German had missed the last world championships in dramatic circumstances, we imagine that it is close to his heart to burst the screen this year. Accompanied by many criticisms, very often unjustified, since his package, he surely closed a lot of mouths yesterday.

Hell was promised to Fnatic who also had to play with a sub (Rhuckz). But the latter was great, whether against Evil Geniuses where the Chiefs. He put the German in the mood for a king and the latter did not hesitate to register the first pentakill of the tournament. after quadra by Unforgiven (MAD Lions), the LEC is definitely in good shape!

The royal road to the first place

Fnatic’s first assessment is perfect. With 2 wins, the team is well on its way to taking first place in Pool A of the Play-In, which would allow it to get its ticket to the Main Event, without having to cross paths with Koreans or Chinese. Even if it was expected on paper, given the circumstances, the performance is to be welcomed.

Beyond the two victories, note that Fnatic beat EG, the other big fish in the pool. This victory gives him the advantage in head to head and Europeans have their destiny in their hands. Besides the upse pentakillt, all lights are green.


This year, the Worlds of League of Legends will not be easy to watch for the French public. In addition to the nightmarish schedules, there will also be no tricolor player to support… We have however decided to follow the adventures of the Belgian Nisqy, night after night.

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