LoL: The best champion in the game who can only dominate his games for 25 seconds

When we think of the best champion in League of Legends, we tend to think of a wide variety of characters. Maybe we have a thing for those who shine the most on the professional scene, or maybe we have a thing for those who achieve the best results in ranked. What is clear is that the name Singed would not be the one that comes to mind first. However, we are probably making a mistake. At least mathematically, the champion is by far the most powerful.

The most expensive skill in League of Legends

The secret that makes Singed the most powerful undisputed champion in League of Legends lies in his ultimate. Once you level him up to max level, when he presses R he gains 100 points on all his stats, except attack damage, for the next 25 seconds. Not bad for an ability most players barely know. In sum, this is equivalent to the champion returning to the shop and spending around 8,000 gold. The equivalent of just over two and a half objects.





magic resistance


Movement speed


HP regeneration


Mana Regeneration




No other champion in League of Legends has access to a similar skill boost. This is also very interesting from a champ design perspective because, while it’s one of the best ultimates in the game by any standard, it’s also one of the most. boring. After all, we are talking about the first champion created by the developers and an ability that has never changed the basics of how it works. An example that shows that something simple is not necessarily bad.

As for Singed’s overall performance, he’s also been one of the top performing champions in the game for quite some time with a 52.7% win rate at Platinum ranks and above, with only a small drop after the champion durability update. However, it doesn’t look like Riot Games has any immediate plans to change it. If you are in love with the Mad Chemist, you can therefore quietly continue to enjoy it.


League of Legends Worlds begins in less than a week, and teams playing the Play-In would do well to prepare in earnest. Fnatic is one of those concerned, but there seems to be a funny atmosphere… Upset has dropped a little bomb that smells of drama.

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