LoL: The coronavirus disrupts (already) the Worlds 2022

Photo: LoL Esports

For now, Riot Games tries to remain stoic despite adversity. This was to be expected given that the global pandemic is still not over and many players have tested positive for coronavirus. The identity of the infected has not been revealed, but it can be guessed over the night.

The competition is not yet in danger and the organizers are doing what they can to overcome the obstacles. But for his return to face-to-face, the Worlds of League of Legends could experience a somewhat unusual course…

Damn coronavirus

League of Legends Worlds are still brewing lots of people. Not to mention the public, there are players from all over the world, accompanied by their technical staff. We will not forget either the production teams, the referees and the media… With so many people passing by, it is easy to understand how a virus could spread, especially when it comes to the coronavirus which has plagued us for many years.

In any case, Riot Games revealed that players should submit to regular testing. Unfortunately, many cases were noted before the start of the first day of competition. If the players concerned feel well enough to hold their place, they will therefore play in insulation to avoid spreading the disease. It’s not ideal, but the competition can’t afford to push back its schedule.

We already know the identity of the first infected

At the time of writing, three players have been confirmed as positive: Elyoya, Unforgiven (MAD Lions) and ADD (Isurus). Riot Games has not given a specific list yet, to protect players and limit misplaced curiosity. But the list shouldn’t remain secret for very long… An empty seat is noticeable very quickly on stage!

Impossible to know if Upset will play on stage or in isolation tonight. But we will have the answer very soon!

Update: all Fnatic will play in isolation for Day 1.


We spend a lot of time on Twitter, probably too much, to stay up to date with League of Legends news. And we came across a crazy rumor, relayed by Eclypsia, which implied that Rekkles would be heading to Team Vitality. We clicked, without being convinced.

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