LoL: the feat achieved yesterday by ShowMaker

While the whole world watched the muscular explanation between RNG and T1, players from teams not qualified for the MSI prepare for the Summer Split in the shadow of prying eyes. With the arrival of the latest patch that redistributes the cards, many questions arise, about the teams that will perform this summer, and those that will be more discreet. If it is difficult to predict with certainty which formations will mark the second part of 2022, the exploits achieved by certain players nevertheless allow to get an idea of ​​the structures in form at the moment. And the feat achieved yesterday by ShowMaker did not go unnoticed, in addition to being extremely impressive.

Being both #1 and #2

While Xiaohu, Caps and Faker were vying for the title of best midlaner in the world, a fourth thief has just invited himself to the party. ShowMaker finally succeeded yesterday in placing its two accounts in the first two places of the Korean ladder, reputed to be one of the most disputed in the world with the Chinese super server. The DAMWON Kia midlaner began his climb up the ladder during the mid-season break. After some time, he managed to place his MIDKING account at the top of the ladder. He then started the grind on his second account, with which he climbed to second place yesterday, while MIDKING was still first. This feat is particularly difficult to pull off, as Challenger players are forced to play daily to avoid demotion to a lower division.

This mechanic was put in place by Riot Games, to prevent a player from ranking well at the start of the season and then AFK during the rest of it, therefore occupying a place that could not be recovered by a more regular player. . For the challenger level, this constraint is very important, the player having to play several games per day (on average, it is possible not to play for one or two days without being demoted). And by being first in the standings, this means that a defeat will cause you to lose more points than a victory will bring in. So while ShowMaker was grinding the ladder with his second account, he also had to keep winning matches on his main account, so as not to be caught up or demoted. Over the last 20 games before reaching the top 2, ShowMaker had a low 80% win rate.

Champions used

As can be seen in the screenshot above, ShowMaker basically used the same champions on both accounts. Ahri is his go-to choice, and on his DK ShowMaker account, the player has a 68% winrate with the Nine-Tailed Vixen. The choice of Vex is on the other hand more surprising, the player having “only” 58% winrate with the Yordle, while his performance is much better with other champions.

League of Legends

In terms of win rate, it is Zoé and Yone who win the prize, with 79 and 82% of wins respectively, in 19 and 17 games. On the other hand, although ShowMaker seems to perform well with Leblanc, he struggles to score wins with her. It is also his only champion with less than 50% winrate, while it is the one with the second best K/D/A. Finally Akali has good stats, even if they are not extraordinary.


The fans present in Busan gave their voice, but in the end it was not enough… In a disputed final that went to the end of 5 Games, it was the Chinese from RNG who ended up winning. The LPL is once again on top of the League of Legends world.

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