LoL: The inexplicable error of caPs which weighed down G2 at the Worlds

Photo: LoL Esports

To Worlds of League of Legends, we find the best teams in the world. As expected, G2 Esports had a lot to do to try to reach the quarter-finals… With behemoths like JD Kidg (LPL) and DWG KIA (LCK), you had to play perfectly to hope for anything. Let’s also respect Evil Geniusesthe 3rd seed NA who beat MAD Lions sharply at the Play-In before snatching a victory from the Samurai during the Main Event.

This umpteenth confrontation between the two teams (the 8th this year) was marked by what seems to be a huge error of caps, the Danish mid laner. With hindsight, we still can’t explain what he did with his Azir during the 7th minute of the match… Difficult to assess the impact of this oddity. But like a snowball effect, everything might have changed if the veteran hadn’t made a mistake.

A shopping problem

The action in question took place during the 7th minute of the match between G2 and EG. The Europeans were already in a rather uncomfortable situation in the tournament, but also in the game. But nothing was lost yet and in case of victory, the Samurai could have benefited from a boost of confidence in the final sprint, which would not have been useless before facing KIA DWG and JDG. We unfortunately know the rest and the 2nd European seed lost to everyone’s surprise against the Americans, before collapsing against the Asians… The results are necessarily disappointing, especially when we analyze the blunder of caps.

The G2 midlaner has indeed back before returning immediately to his lane thanks to a Teleportation. But while he had approximately 1,675 gold to spend, he was content to buy a Black Seala refillable potion and an Pinkward… which only costs 575 gold. As pointed out by Striker (former Karmine Corp coach), the player came back with approximately 1,100 unspent gold and far fewer items and stats than expected. He could have bought a lost chapter, which would have offered him an interesting little powerspike. While playing a matchup Azir vs. Akali, rather advantageous for him, this missed purchase cost him in priority and pressure. It was not all over there, but it must be recognized that caPs did not manage to take the advantage over Jojopyun during the lane and that shortly after, the lack of priority cost the Herald to his team. Things could have been different if the player hadn’t missed his purchase… Small details can have big consequences, especially in Worlds!

The theory of a TP too fast?

Currently, it is still not known what happened to caPs. If we exclude the possibility of a spectator mode display bug, there are not really plausible leads, except for a failed purchase due to a TP too fast. This kind of mistake can happen to even the best. Under stress and haste, the Dane may have bought the wrong items. It would be as infuriating as it is lucky.

Let us also clarify that what is done and done. There is no point pestering the player or getting stuck on this error. G2 collectively sank and after a very disappointing 2021 season, the Samurai have shown their best this year. Also, when you look at the stratospheric level of JD Gaming and DWG KIA, the Europeans would have probably lost no matter what.


United in rivalry… After seeing Fnatic collapse at League of Legends Worlds, European fans are grimacing: G2 Esports suffered the same fate. To be completely honest, the first week had been worrying, but we did not expect such a stampede for the Samurai..

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