LoL: the LCS give a yellow card to Reginald, following the accusations of his employees!

Andy “Reginald” Dinh, member and former player of TSM, has finally learned his pain for all the controversy that has erupted in recent years, around his person and his management of the company. He will be ordered to pay $75,000 and will be monitored at all times for two years following derogatory and intimidating behavior to TSM players and staff.

Some sort of monitor or independent watchdog has been appointed to ensure that such problems do not reoccur. Regular reports and individual interviews with the players will be made during this sentence. This marks the conclusion of several months of investigation during which Reginald has been the center of attention, with complaints from different actors and comments that show his mistreatment of workers.

The most controversial owner of the LCS

It was in November last year when several LCS employees and players denounced and accused Andy Dinh of violently intimidating his players and staff at TSM , stating that Dinh’s verbal assaults had resulted in several public humiliations on many employees, as well as nervous breakdowns and anxiety attacks. In response to these public accusations, others who are or were associated with TSM filed similar charges through the LCS Players Association.

Following these charges, the LCS and Riot Games have themselves engaged an outside attorney to conduct an independent investigation and report on the actions of the owner of TSM . Their final decision reflects the findings of the official investigation, while exposing the historic team owner’s unethical practices. To this must be added the report that was made at the end of May this year with the recommendations that were given to Dinh on his behavior, because although his actions were not illegal, they were not neither ethical nor moral towards its employees.

A firm sentence for Reginald

As to the sentence, the LCS concluded that Dinh violated points 14.3.1 and 14.3.4 of the LCS ruleset . Additionally, under the terms of the Team Participation Agreement between the LCS and TSM, the team has agreed to “professionally manage and operate the team in accordance with the highest esports industry standards“and to ensure that team members (including Dinh)” perform their services in a professional manner and in accordance with the standards and rules of conduct specified in the Regulations “.

As this type of conduct or conviction had not yet been sanctioned in the league and they had no case law, they decided to add a fine of $75,000, three times the maximum fine for inappropriate conduct of a member ofe the league. Additionally, the TSM themselves will have to provide proof within sixty days that Dinh has completed his behavioral exercises to try to be a better person.

Finally, Dinh will be in a kind of ” conditional liberty » for the next two years . TSM and Reginald are committed to changing the way of working within their organization and want to create space for this positive change to happen. However, they also want to make sure that if this change doesn’t happen, the consequences within the Riot Games ecosystem are clear. Any discovery by the LCS, or any other governing body of Riot Games, that Dinh violated the rules during this testing period will result in heavy penalties for the team and its owner.

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