LoL: The LFL would have found its 10th team for the 2023 season!

Photo: AEGIS

The less assiduous had perhaps forgotten that there was still an LFL team to find before starting the 2023 season. As a reminder, Team Heretics bought the slot from Misfits Gaming in LEC. The Spanish structure does not wish to take over the Misfits Premier slot in LFL to remain in LVP, so there was a place to take. The French league then made a call for applications to find the rare pearl. Several well-known structures in the community have been approached, but one candidate seems to have stood out enough to win the day.

It’s not official yet, but the trio Wooloo – Alejandro Gomis – Paul Arrivรฉ spilled the beans. At this stage, we will use the conditional for the form but doubt is no longer really allowed.

AEGIS, from TFT to LoL

The structure that will complete the cast next year should be AEGIS. Founded by influential influencers (DFG, Shaunz, Mr. MV), the organization was currently only present on TFT, with players like Un33d or PDB. But it should take on a new dimension next year when it lands in force on Summoner’s Rift.

The marriage, if confirmed, seems perfect. AEGIS has a good fan base and a DNA Riot-compatible. It should also be noted that DFG and Shaunz have participated in many LANs in France on League of Legends. The second even tasted the LEC (at the time LCS), as a coach at Team Vitality and Gambit. Even if they should not be involved sportingly in the management of the probable future LFL team, we are sure that they will support the players with passion and unfeigned interest.

Two first recruits announced: former champions of France

The rumor mills rejoiced yesterday, announcing two names that have already secured a deal with AEGIS for next year. The two go hand in hand and seem inseparable today. This is the General Manager Lounet and mid laner Eika, named MVP of the French league this summer. Both are currently busy with the French Cup and a semi-final coming up against KC. The opportunity to offer a nice farewell gift to the Foxes?

  • Lounet : At LDLC OL since the end of 2016, he would have decided to turn the page. It’s a huge loss for the structure, which will have to reinvent itself without him.
  • Eika : he would be about to complete his second spell at LDLC OL, with whom he will have played for 5 seasons. He will have recovered in all 4 titles of champion of France. After having won a lot with the Foxes, will he be able to do the same at AEGIS?

For Eika, note that the player would not have had a tryout in LEC despite his superb season… We are inevitably a little sad for him, but we will be delighted to find him in the LFL.


After the emotion, place for questions. The Karmine Corp has officially announced the abandonment of the LEC project for 2023 by the mouth of its CEO, Kameto. While French League of Legends fans are in mourning, this one gave some additional details on the why and how.

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