LoL: The most frustrating interaction in League of Legends!

Although it is an excellent video game, League of Legends remains a constant source of frustration. Whether it’s because of character balancing, sometimes wobbly matchmaking, a bug that keeps coming back when it’s supposed to have been fixed, or sometimes, simply because of our teammates who decided to play a different game, consisting in dying a maximum of times in a minimum of time. However, what appears to be the most frustrating, that’s when the game itself gets confusingsending us false information, ultimately causing us to miss an action that we should have succeeded in.

I’m sure I dodged it!

The action of this video is explained by two factors. The first is that League of Legends’ visual spell indicators handle height change very poorly. (assuming they take it into account, and given the number of problems generated by this, it is permissible to cast a reasonable doubt on this subject), causing the hitbox of spells to become false, and not be modified . This can cause problems on both sides, because the person casting the spell may think it will hit when in the end it does not, and this without the opponent having done anything to dodge. Of course the opposite case also exists, with spells that a player thinks they have dodgedthat the game’s visual cues show that the skill is meant to miss, when finally the spell comes straight into his mouth.

The second factor still concerns the visual spell indicator, which sometimes does not match the spell’s hitbox (regardless of height) . The spell sometimes goes a little deeper and/or wider than the visual cues suggest. However, it is possible to correct this, and Riot Games has already done so. The most famous example is Nidalee’s spear, which at the time was much larger than the visual indicators on the screen would suggest. If today this spell is not yet perfect, it has however been greatly improved and generates much less frustration. Many players would greatly appreciate Riot Games communicating more about this.especially given the age of the game, because this kind of problem is not new at all.

Why is it difficult to fix?

Not all MOBAs have this problem. DotA for example, managed to fix this kind of bugs on its client and the visual indications of the spells are much more precise there. Only for LoL it would require a major overhaul of the game engineand that would cause a huge chain reaction. Fixing just that could lead to other bugs, which could be even more frustrating. For now the only viable solution to avoid this kind of in-game issues is to play Tryndamere/Jax/Fiora top, and perma push. You can’t be frustrated by bad indicators on opponents’ spells, if you don’t approach the river or the opponents. Not sure you had much fun either…

Applications around League of Legends are more and more numerous, however, some players feel that they give too much information. Two in particular, which indicate the cooldowns of summoner spells in play, are at the center of a new controversy.

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