LoL: The Mythifier Irelia skin generates the ire of the community

Riot Games has a habit of regularly releasing new skins for the champions of his MOBA League of Legends, and the latest are those of the Mythifier collection. Thus, Galio, Garen, Sivir, Zyra and Irelia were the lucky ones to receive a skin from this set. However, it seems that they are not unanimous with the community and in particular that of Irelia.

A “pay-to-lose” skin

Everybody knows it, League of Legends is a free game and is in no way “pay-to-win”. Players can of course buy cosmetics such as emotes, skins or even chromas, but this has no impact on their performance during a game. Nevertheless, many complaints have recently been made by some owners of the new Irelia Mythifier skin.

The visual effects of the champion’s auto-attacks have been changed by the developers, which, according to some players, would have a negative impact on the gameplay of the fighter. In effect, there is a short delay during which the attack animation appears before the blades even hit the opponentas can be seen in the image below.

It turns out that Irelia has four different auto-attack patterns, all of which are currently out of sync. This issue particularly affects early game gameplay, since this is when the champion’s attack speed is the lowest and therefore the shift generated is the most striking. One player said on Reddit that ” This issue needs to be looked into as early game performance is crucial to Irelia’s impact on a single missed/cancelled auto attack due to out of sync visual effects being deadly and can render it useless for the rest of the game. »

At present, no comments were made by Riot Gamesbut we hope that the problem has been taken into account and that it will be quickly resolved for the comfort of all.

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