LoL: The sad story of the player who ridiculed Riot and could have saved the game client!

The customer by League of Legends has always been one of the most criticized aspects of the game by players. The sum of the few options it offers and its mediocre performance form an explosive cocktail that the community has never been satisfied with. However, there was a moment in video game history when new hope opened up, and it wasn’t because of the work of Riot Games. Instead of that, a user created her own version of this tool, putting the talented employees of the developer to shame.

The best customer League of Legends has ever had

The player was known under the pseudonym of Astralfoxy and had created in a few months from his home, a personalized version of the League of Legends client called Wintermint . This work was shared with the community in 2014 and included some amazing tools. Its unique features made it possible to connect accounts from different regions on a single client, easily watch matches from different content creators or high profile players, and improved performance that reduced the resources used by our PC by 80%.

This client had all the usual functions, a few additions and consumed less PC resources

This was all just the launch menu, and the best was yet to come. In one of the first updates to this League of Legends custom client, it was planned to add a “sandbox” mode which allowed us to configure the speed of the game, the initial gold or even create our own champions and abilities. A tool that, in short, has allowed several players to make very interesting mods that Riot Games would never officially approve. However, as you must already have guessed, the developers weren’t exactly enthusiastic about this possibility.

Citing security concerns, Riot Games has decided to put an end to the Astralfoxy initiative .This decision remains logical, because a customer will always force us to reveal our ID or even our bank details if we intend to use our game account. It is for this reason that the case did not a lot of noise, the creator and the community understanding very well the point of view of the developer. If Wintermint closed its doors at the end of 2014 when it had only been alive for a few hours, its creator was officially invited to the Riot Games studios at the start of 2015.

Wintermint's sandbox mode was much better than the one that landed next in League of Legends - League of Legends
Wintermint’s sandbox mode was much better than the one that landed next in League of Legends

Contrary to what it may seem, Riot Games is not a company that takes the humiliations inflicted by its own community particularly badly. Although everyone recognized that the work of this player on her own client was better than that of the developers of the company responsible for League of Legends, the studio decided to offer a job to Astralfoxy . After several months of managing her visa, the new employee was brought to settle in the United States to be part of the development team for a new version of the game client.

However, if this is just the story of what could have been but didn’t happen, it’s because Astralfoxy’s time at Riot Games was anything but long. Barely a year after starting to work for the company she decides to leave her post without giving the reasons . Thus, it barely had time to put its mark on the creation of a League of Legends client and its process of adding all the new features that the community was passionate about to the game was unfortunately interrupted.

Since Riot Games has been found guilty of harassment and sexism, vis-à-vis some of its employees even if the studio tries to redeem a reputation, it is not not sure if this is the reason which pushed Astralfoxy towards the exit. the homesickness could be an equally credible explanation. It should also be noted that the latter did not support the statements of the other employees during the recent accusations. We therefore cannot that we ask about itmaybe one day Astralfoxy will explain the reasons for his departure.


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