LoL: This Sion shows the importance of not giving up with a near-impossible comeback

Saving a League of Legends game at the last second is something every veteran Riot MOBA player has experienced. Dominating your lane, unexpectedly taking a major objective, or winning a 1v1 are things we love to do and see, but it’s nothing like winning a ranked while leaving your nexus with less than 100 life.

This is what happened to our player of the day, who shared his achievement on Reddit under the name of ” Zhutoyou and showed something every LoL player should have: nerves of steel and the belief not to give up.

An incredible comeback

As you can see in the clip below, the blue team was about to lose the match, with the whole red team about to nexus each other and use whatever they could to complete it. However, Sion appeared at the right time and chose the best way to counter this loss that seemed inevitable.

He first tackled Caitlyn, who has the most range and basic attack power and finished her off quickly with his ultimate, after which he helped Samira and Shaco finish off two big pests like Renekton and Fiddlesticks. That’s when he used his Teleport to move towards the bot lane minions that were almost inside the enemy base in order to end the game as quickly as possible.

It’s the kind of game that should shine above all others, and not because of its epicness or the way it plays (which it also does), but because of the message it send : even if the game seems lost, try to fight until the last second. Of course, this is relative, because there are games where the fate is sealed after 15 minutes, but normally, you should never consider a game lost in advance.

It’s for this reason that Riot has focused on comebacks, as thanks to this help with the bounties, many of us have been able to turn around seemingly unwinnable games using our mental capacities to the best of their ability.

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