LoL: When an old Faker criticism on the rankeds is still relevant

Riot Games has the data to say that ranked games in League of Legends are getting better and better. However, the company regularly has to deal with criticism over the state of the competitive mode. A standoff between developer and community that is repeated periodically and which has even joined professional players. Even Faker himself despaired, insisting he wouldn’t touch the ladder if he wasn’t in the competitive circuit yet.

It’s not a lack of work problem. Riot has made changes to make matches theoretically more even for higher ranked players and those with low to mid MMR. However, there are a lot of disagreements between the developer and the community over how matchmaking should work, which is evident in a statement made by Faker over four years ago. In it, he pointed out the problems with the game that still exist today.

The big problem with rankings pointed out by Faker

Faker’s criticisms are not new

Although the T1 midlaner focused on very high level games, the truth is that some of his statements indicate a problem that manifests itself throughout the filing system. Referring to the matchmaking system, Faker said: “League of Legends is only fun when you play as a team, but all players treat it like an RPG and play alone. Due to the difference in rank, it is impossible to get along well with teammates. Everyone plays in their own way. The game gets more boring the higher you go. It’s weird. I preferred it before, when the queues were longer”.

The mid laner then explained inequality issues between teamsespecially at the bot lane: “Before, there were fewer games that were decided so quickly in favor of one team (…). That’s why the pros don’t even bother in SoloQ anymore. It simply does not help to prepare for the competition (…) There are never close matches because a team leaves with an advantage. What are the mid, the top or the jungler used for? Are we playing League of Legends or slot machines?”

A bug that Riot Games never fixed

Ranked matches with high MMR are very unbalanced - League of Legends
Ranked matches with high MMR are very unbalanced

Although we would like to point out that the player was particularly focused on the higher ranks of League of Legends, this situation presents two problems. First of all, it’s an open issue that Riot Games has never been able to fix. Just take a look at the matches played by the highest ranked players in Challenger to see that players two ranks below are still included in the matches and that the maximum difference of LP is greater than one thousand points .

However, this issue is no different than the one experienced by lower ranked players. While Riot says the snowball phenomenon isn’t as high as players say, this issue has been singled out in recent years as one of the game’s biggest flaws. Matchmaking has also come under fire. heavy criticism, and repeated complaints have been made against players who are too eager to be in the limelight, who only want to be the “carrys” of the game and don’t understand team play.

Riot Games is looking for new measures to solve the problem and promised short-term improvements in the form of more rewards for good behavior. However, it seems that a review of systems and drastic measures are also necessary. The developer’s next idea could be to remove the ability to play together by removing the duo tail. Of course, big steps are still needed to solve a problem that has been on the table for more than four years.


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