LoL: When Rammus turns into any champion

Although League of Legends has a number of things to improve, both in and out of the game, there is one thing that fascinates us above all else: fans of rarely played champions who would give heart and soul for their favorite character. While there are OTPs that are considered (rightly or not) to be toxic — hello hands Katarina, Yasuo or Draven — we also have OTPs that are considered cooler and much friendlier and fond of champions like Ivern, Skarner or the one we’re going to talk about today, Rammus.

The Armored Armadillo is one of those champions that (almost) everyone loves, whether it’s because of its fun and unique gameplay, its story, or even its lines of dialogue that are so simple they work too well. That’s when the Chinese community stepped up to perform one of the funniest and most original “challenges” we’ve ever seen: transform Rammus into all the champions of the game..

League of Rammus is a reality

Apparently China’s most dedicated Rammus players have come to an agreement through Tiebathe largest gaming forum in the country, to achieve these splasharts as curious as it is fun to watch. Obviously not all of them are here yet, but we can see that the intention is clear and the love they put in each of the images is evident, from Annie to Aurelion Sol, including champions like Shaco, Viego or even Vladimir, it’s very interesting to see how players change the character but the essence of Rammus is still there.

League of Legends

If you are a fan of the champion, we strongly advise you to admire all the creations of the Chinese community. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments which one caught your attention the most.

Often soloQ and competitive mode in League of Legends are dominated by newer champions, or at least those who have received a gameplay update. However sometimes, in specific metas, old champions who have not been updated, manage to win a lot.

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