LoL – Worlds 2022: Jankos explains why G2 Esports and Rogue arrived last at Worlds.

With the start of the Play-In, almost all the teams participating in League of Legends Worlds have already arrived on American soil to prepare for the event as well as possible. Almost, because two die-hard teams are still resisting Uncle Sam’s call, and unfortunately for LEC fans, these come from the European region.

If Rogue and G2 Esports did not quickly go to the United States, it is for a reason beyond their control according to Jankos. The Polish jungler is known for being outspoken and answering almost any question, being blunt with people, and sometimes a little salty. Luckily, it’s not because of the Covid, as it happened to Fnatic a few days before, but the reason why they didn’t leave sooner may make European fans angry.

A problem with hotels

In his live, he explained the reasons why they haven’t set foot on North American soil yet: “I have seen that many of you are wondering why we haven’t left yet. If I understood correctly, the idea was to leave much earlier but they left us no choice”, commented the Polish jungler.

“As far as I know, the hotel we have in New York not yet ready for European teams . That’s why neither Snape nor we have been able to go there yet. At least that’s what I was told “, he explains a little salty: We had to delay our departure because we had no place to go” .

It’s starting to do a lot

With this problem, the two European representatives have one more obstacle in their way since they cannot train with the best teams in the world and they will only play scrims with each other, which is not necessarily good for their training. This statement dates back to the end of September, which means that at the start of the competition, the two best European representatives will have had less than two weeks to recover from the jet-lag and train against the top teams from the other regions. It’s relatively short as a window of time, especially since in the past, some teams could arrive a month in advance.

If we add to this the problems related to the quality of the hardware provided, or the first day delays, we can not help but think that the organization of Riot Games seems much less rigorous than in previous years. .


A look back at the performance of the LEC teams during this third day of the Play-In phase of the League of Legends World Championships.

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