LoL – Worlds 2022: Why will these Worlds be so special? The eternal seconds in the light!

The Worlds of this year are getting closer and, therefore, we look forward to the biggest League of Legends tournament of the year start as soon as possible. But it is true that 2022 will be one of the most special we have ever seen if we look at the journey of the top seeds from the three most important regions in the world: LEC, LPL and LCK.

Over the past few years, we have seen that the big teams in each region such as G2 Esports, T1 or RNG have won their respective regional competitions without apparent surprise, leaving other clubs in the background. However, this season seems to have been chosen so that the eternal seconds of the regions the most important finally reverse the established hierarchy, and find themselves in turn, in the shoes of the number 1 team in their region.

These eternal “seconds”

Gen G was one of most consistent teams in the LCK in recent years , with Ruler leading the pack and slowly building a dream team with Peanut in the jungle and Chovy on the midane. After two consecutive years as a runner-up and with the marksman largely absent from Korean league history, the former world champion managed to lift the national trophy after beating T1 one of its great rivals in Korea, under the nose of the teams that had grown in power in the meantime like DAMWON.

JD Gaming had won the LPL tournament once, in the spring of 2020, but as you’d expect, that meant next to nothing considering what was going on at the time. This is why the the club’s big win against Top Esports this year has proven to be much more satisfying and meaningful from all points of view. With Yagao and Missing as the main protagonists in the finale, they ended up becoming a real team to beat after several years of hard work and dedication.

Snape got the nickname second best for several seasons and with good reason . because although they showed a stratospheric level during the regular seasons, when the playoffs were starting, it seemed that their nerves were playing tricks on them, as happened in the 2021 Spring Finals against the MAD Lions. Now with Odoamne pumped up and a stratospheric botlane the Rogue have finally gotten what they have been chasing since their appearance in LEC.

A special World Cup for all

As we told you, these World Championships will be quite special for everyone . Even though Russia will not be competing for obvious reasons, we will finally see a region that has been missing for years due to the coronavirus: Vietnam. Moreover, almost all teams meant to represent renewal major regions are at a gigantic level, thus increasing the chances of an unexpected surprise and promising other duels than those between regions during the World Cup: that between the teams which have confirmed their power for years, and those who come to bring them down.

Let’s hope that Europe has a good track record in the United States and Mexico, but above all, that there is spectacular matches and soundtracks which will make this World Cup one of the best editions of League of Legends Worlds.


Rogue won their first ever LEC title last weekend. This moment was special for Trymbi who mixed tears of joy and tears of sadness. He wanted to pay tribute to a deceased loved one, who played an important role in his early League of Legends career.

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