Lola Weippert: topless greetings from the sea with an important message

Lola Weippert
Topless greetings from the sea with an important message

Lola Weippert is enjoying the “pure feeling of freedom”.

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Topless and therefore with a “pure feeling of freedom”, presenter Lola Weippert gives an important message to take with her on vacation.

RTL presenter Lola Weippert (26) is enjoying her vacation and is doing so with a “pure sense of freedom”. Topless, she sunbathes by the sea and uses the opportunity for two things: she asks her almost 550,000 followers for feedback on her content on Instagram and gives them an important message to take with them at the same time: “It’s okay to be skinny. It’s okay not to be skinny. Having curves is okay. Not having curves is okay. Putting someone down for their body type isn’t okay.”

Weippert’s break was not as harmonious as it was just now. Only about two weeks ago she had to deal with a bad experience. The presenter was attacked in Cape Town, South Africa. In a video on Instagram, she reported on the incident in mid-January. “If you think you’re safe in Cape Town – don’t be too sure,” she says in the clip, before showing off her eye injuries.

“I was hit here on the side, I have glass in my eye here,” said Weippert. “We were suddenly attacked at the traffic light by a guy who had a rock in his hand and smashed my window.” The perpetrator then stole Weippert’s Cartier bracelet.


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