Long-distance travel destinations: 13 countries that you can now travel to without quarantine

Long-distance travel despite Corona
13 long-distance destinations that you can now travel to without quarantine

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Corona makes vacation planning complicated – this is especially true for long-distance trips. We have identified 13 countries you can travel to quarantine-free.

Vacation planning remains pretty tricky even in year two of the pandemic. This is especially true for long-haul trips, which tend to be more expensive and time-consuming, and which you usually plan longer in advance than trips within Europe. Suddenly increasing numbers of infections or changes in the RKI classifications and entry requirements have a double effect here.

Many an optimistic opening to tourism has already resulted in disillusionment – for example the “Phuket Sandbox” project in Thailand, which allows vaccinated holidaymakers to enter under simplified quarantine conditions. But the 7-day incidence in Thailand has been rising rapidly since the beginning of July, and the country has again been classified as a high-risk area. Even countries like that Seychelles or Israel wanted to get started in tourism again, only to find that the corona virus doesn’t care about humanity’s plans.

Long-distance travel: where can I not go?

Let’s start with holiday countries that are currently not allowed to travel to: The USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand keep their borders for vacationers: inside still closed. The same goes for popular countries in Southeast Asia like Vietnam, Singapore, Bhutan or the Philippines.

Countries such as Nepal require vacationers to go into quarantine after entering the country. And anyone who comes back to Germany from a high-risk or virus variant area must also isolate themselves at home for at least ten days. For most of them, however, a holiday country is out of the question if a trip there means having to be in quarantine on site or after entering Germany.

We have identified 13 long-haul destinations that you can currently travel to without going into quarantine on site or after returning to Germany. However, some countries prescribe the hotels in which holidays can be taken, which in some cases amounts to hotel quarantine. You are not allowed to move freely everywhere.

13 long-distance travel destinations that you can travel to without having to be quarantined:

  • Bahamas
  • Belize (only in officially certified hotels)
  • Dominican Republic
  • Dubai
  • Jamaica
  • Cape Verde
  • Kenya (quarantine can be ordered if symptoms occur)
  • Maldives (stay limited to a single resort)
  • Mauritius (only in officially certified hotels)
  • St. Lucia (only vaccinated people are allowed to leave their hotel)
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Sri Lanka (only in officially certified hotels)
  • Uganda

The requirements for entry are different in every country: Sometimes you have to be fully vaccinated, sometimes a negative test is sufficient. Please inform yourself carefully before you book your trip.

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