Long-missing Hajek is dead: the Czech ski flying record holder dies at the age of 36

Long missing Hajek is dead
The Czech ski flying record holder dies at the age of 36

The ski jumping scene mourns Antonin Hajek. The Czech ski flying record holder dies at the age of 36. Before that, Hajek, who is also the head coach of the Czech team for a while after his career, will be missing for months.

Antonin Hajek has been missing for many months, but now there is sad certainty: the former Czech ski jumper is dead. This has been announced by the country’s ski and snowboard association. Hajek was 36 years old.

The Czech was reported missing by his family to the police in early October 2022 and has not appeared since. He had previously been in a divorce with his wife.

“The former excellent ski jumper, Czech record holder and national coach Antonin Hajek has died. His life ended at the early age of 36,” the association said. “Tondo, we will miss you,” wrote the association and expressed its sympathy for the survivors of the “excellent ski jumper”.

Hajek set the national record at 236 meters

Hajek ended his career in September 2015. At 236 meters he still holds the national record in ski flying – this distance was then, in 2010, the third longest mark ever. The two-time Olympic participant also celebrated his best World Cup result in ski flying, in the 2009/10 season he flew fourth in both Kulm and Sapporo.

These placements were also remarkable because Hajek had fought back after a serious car accident in April 2008. He had suffered numerous internal injuries and could only be saved thanks to an emergency operation.

After his active career, Hajek worked as a coach and was even briefly promoted to head coach of the Czech men in the World Cup in the 2019/20 season.

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