Look younger: With these beauty tips it works

Everyone wants to look younger somehow. No matter if 25 or 55 – sometimes there are days when we just have the feeling that we need a beauty freshness kick that makes us look a bit fresher, younger and more radiant. And here it comes: We asked Taylor Frankel, co-founder of the American beauty brand Nudestix, for tips.

The concept behind Nudestix is ​​super simple: founder Jenny Frankel wanted to develop uncomplicated make-up together with her two daughters. That is why every single Nudestix product comes in a creamy stick shape so that it is particularly easy to use. And this is exactly where we come to Taylor's most important tip: cream products.

Creamy formulations melt with the skin and make it look radiant, healthy and plumped up. My favorite tip is to apply a creamy highlighter with my fingers on the highest points on the face – this gives the most beautiful and natural finish.

The great advantage of cream products is that they do not lie on the skin as much as powdery products. If you take too much of them, they can quickly make your complexion look pale and older. Of course, this does not apply to every powder product, but if you want to look as fresh and natural as possible, you should definitely try it with the creamy alternative. Nevertheless, we know that many have problems with cream products or don't really trust them. For fear that the result might look spotty. This usually only happens if the base – i.e. the foundation – is very heavy and opaque. But here too Taylor Frankel has a professional tip: “The best way to apply the product is with a blending brush (for the face). Pick up some product and work it into the skin with a tap. This ensures that the product does not become stained or the base moves under it. "

Taylor's second tip that makes us look instantly younger is neutral tones. Sounds totally unspectacular, but makes a big difference. “Choose neutral tones for a fresh and youthful look. For example, dusky pink, terracotta tones or warm peach tones on the cheeks, eyes and lips. ”So if you've used pink and red so far, just change the colors. The more natural a color, the less noticeable it is. And that is exactly the secret of natural, fresh and healthy-looking makeup.

Last but not least also applies (as almost always): “Less is more! The more product we apply, the more likely it will highlight fine lines and texture. So start with a light, liquid base and use concealer where you need more coverage. ”