Looking younger than your age is a proven sign of good health!

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According to a Dutch study, people who look younger than their age are in better health.

Among all the compliments that we can hear, “you look younger than your age” has a particular flavor. And for good reason: many people struggle with the consequences of time and old age. So, of course, signs of youth are always welcome. But that’s not all ! This characteristic would also hide another good news. Witness the revelations of researchers from the University Medical Center Rotterdam, located in the Netherlands, who indicated that people who look younger than their real age would be in better health.

To arrive at such a conclusion, the specialists collected the medical histories and the portraits of 2,679 people, all aged between 51 and 87. They then presented the photos to a group of 27 volunteers, asking them to rate the age of the people photographed. After reading the answers of the people questioned, the researchers then noticed that the people who “looked younger than their age” overall had fewer health problems and showed better results on cognitive tests.

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Lower risk of developing certain pathologies

In addition to the results shown above, people who look five years younger than their actual age also have less risk of developing pathologies such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), osteoporosis, cataracts or hearing disorders. “Our work shows that, up to a certain point, the systemic aging of the body and of cognitive functions could be visible at face level, the scientists said. You will therefore no longer hear the compliment “you look younger than your age” with the same ear.

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