Loot secured – Burglary: Trio of women arrested by police!

After three women broke into an apartment on Thaliastrasse in Vienna’s Ottakring district, the suspects were arrested by the police on Wednesday. The loot was discovered in the trio’s apartment and confiscated. The suspected perpetrators are women from Italy and Serbia.

The three women, aged 24, 38 and 54, were arrested by officers from the task force for combating street crime (EGS) on Wednesday at around 5:15 p.m. They are suspected of having committed a burglary in an apartment on Thaliastrasse. Stolen goods confiscated from apartment “The suspected tools and stolen goods from the apartment were found and confiscated from the suspects,” said police spokesman Philipp Haßlinger on Friday. The EGS forces became aware of the three women during a special operation to combat property crime. Further investigations are already underway.
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