Lordi: Own ghost train for the heavy metal band

Own ghost train for the heavy metal band

Lordi in front of her own ghost train in Finland

© Timo Isoaho

The Finnish band Lordi is getting their own ghost train. The 2006 ESC winners are very happy.

Lordi fans can expect something very special: The Finnish band is getting their own ghost train. The ride of the cult rockers will roll through Finland from spring – starting with the Tivoli Sariola, the country’s largest folk festival. The park’s own runway was given a special Lordi design. Front man Mr. Lordi (47) is very happy: The ride has been “lordified”, as he says. Every two weeks the train can be experienced in a different region of Finland.

“No other rock band on this planet has had its own ghost train!” Explains Mr. Lordi. Fans can already see the horror train: im new music video for the song “Borderline”. The front man directed the clip himself and took care of the special effects.

Seven albums in one go

Heavy metal fans don’t have to wait long for new music either. In the Corona lockdown, Mr. Lordi knew how to use his time: He stated that “there couldn’t be more boring than making a regular Lordi album”. The “Lordiversity” project will appear on November 26th.

It’s not just an album – Lordi release seven long players in one go. These are titled “Skeletric Dinosaur”, “Superflytrap”, “The Masterbeast”, “Abusement Park”, “Humanimals”, “Abracadaver” and “Spooky Sextravaganza”. That’s a record: the Finnish band is the first music group in music history to release so many albums at once.


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