Lori Loughlin: husband Mossimo Giannulli is leaving prison

Lori Loughlin
Husband Mossimo Giannulli leaves prison

Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin were both serving prison terms.

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Mossimo Giannulli has served his time behind bars. Lori Loughlin’s husband was released early.

Mossimo Giannulli (57), the husband of actress Lori Loughlin (56, “Full House”), has left prison. Like a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a US Department of Justice agency, CNN confirmed, the fashion designer was released early from federal prison in Lompoc, California on Friday. On November 19, 2020, he began his prison sentence there, which was ordered until April 17. According to the report, Giannulli is currently under the supervision of a branch of the Bureau of Prisons.

Loughlin and Giannulli pleaded guilty to the US college admissions scandal last May. Accordingly, the couple let funds of 500,000 US dollars (about 425,000 euros) flow to accommodate their two daughters at the University of Southern California. Actress Loughlin then served a two-month prison term, and husband Giannulli was sentenced to five months in prison. On top of that, there were fines and community hours to be performed.