Lori Vallow finally fit to stand trial

The mother accused of the murder of her two children will be able to be tried soon. Lori Vallow had been detained in a psychiatric center since last summer.

Lori Vallow will be able to be judged. This American mother accused of having killed her two children in Idaho was placed last summer in a psychiatric center after being declared unfit to follow a trial. On Monday, Seventh District Judge Steven Boyce ordered her transfer to another center in Fremont County before she was officially returned to jail, reports EastIdahoNews.com. The American and her husband Chad Daybell should therefore be tried together soon, for the murders of JJ and Tylee, aged 7 and 17, the two children of Lori Vallow.

Disappeared for several months

JJ and Tylee disappeared in September 2019 but the alert was not given until the following November by relatives. Their mother refused to cooperate in the investigation and fled with Chad Daybell, her last husband, as soon as their disappearance was announced. The couple were eventually found several weeks later in Hawaii and Lori Vallow was extradited and charged with concealment of evidence and conspiracy. She pleaded not guilty. Her husband was not arrested until June 2020, after the discovery of the bodies on his property. Little JJ was wearing red pajamas. He had been placed inside a plastic bag, his ankles and wrists tied with duct tape. This tape had also been used to wrap plastic around the child’s face. The bodies were in a kind of cemetery for animals installed on the ground of the man. It was there that authorities recovered a mass of burnt flesh and bones kept in a melted green bucket. Under this bucket, a partial human skull was discovered. Remains belonging to Tylee.

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In addition to the deaths of the two children, Chad Daybell is also accused of having killed his wife Tammy, whose death just two weeks before Chad Daybell’s remarriage with Lori Vallow, was first considered natural before being qualified as a ‘homicide. Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow’s indictment does not provide details of how the victims were killed. The documents, however, confirm that Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow “endorse and follow religious beliefs for the purpose of justifying or encouraging the homicide” of the three victims. They would have explained to the police that their mission was also to “get rid of the zombies”. According to the police, it was precisely because she felt that her children were now zombies inhabited by the dark spirit of someone else that Lori Vallow would have decided to attack them.

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