Lorie Pester mom: her daughter Nina accompanies her on the sets of "Tomorrow belongs to us": Current Woman The MAG

Lorie Pester fans are happy : since Thursday, February 25, the actress is back in the series Tomorrow belongs to us sure TF1. The interpreter of Lucie Salducci has indeed found her role after a two-year break. But if she had moved away from the screens, it was to live a dream: that of becoming a mother. A brand new daily for the 38-year-old, who had kept her pregnancy a secret. "I was waiting a bit before telling you. I needed to take the time. The time to discover each other, to understand each other and to tame each other", she announced on Instagram in September 2020, a few weeks after the birth of her daughter Nina. From now on, Lorie is ready to reconcile her life as a mother and her life as an artist. As she indicated in an interview with our colleagues from Gala Thursday February 25, his daughter accompanies him on the set of the series.

Lorie celebrates 20 years of career in 2021

"I was lucky to be able to take my baby with me, and my parents were there ", she confided. A precious help, which allowed him to slip 100% into the skin of his character. "They could keep her on during the day while I was filming. And in the evening when I came home, I would take off my acting cap and put on my mom's cap. We would put on our pajamas, I would bottle-feed her … Then I 'learned my texts ". However, Lorie admits that it is not always easy: "It's a hell of an organization, especially when the shooting days are long". But Tomorrow belongs to us is not the only artistic activity which occupies the thoughts of Lorie in this year 2021. Indeed, the one who made her debut in the song will celebrate her twenty years of career. A birthday she considers "a Cape" and that she intends to celebrate: "I'm preparing little things for the end of the year". The appointment is made.

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