Los Angeles wants to ban gas stations to save the planet

The city of Los Angeles, known for its monster traffic jams and its car culture, wants to ban the construction of new service stations.

Robert Gumpert/The Guardian

Los Angeles is one of the most congested cities in the United States, with an average of 46 hours spent in traffic each year per motorist. But California is ahead of the United States in the electrification of cars, with around 13% market share for the electric car, a situation similar to that of France. Los Angeles should reinforce its status as a pioneer with the will to ban the construction of new gas stations in the city.

It wouldn’t be the first American city to ban gas stations, but Los Angeles is a symbol for American motorists. The signal would therefore be very strong, especially since this movement concerns other Californian and American cities that are interested in the idea.

Los Angeles: a future 100% electric city

A member of the Los Angeles City Council tells the Guardian they are ” shutting down the oil wells in Los Angeles » and that they « take over the management of new fully electric constructions ” with ” transport independent of fossil fuels“. The ban on new gas stations takes part in this vast project of total electrification of the city.

If your planet is on fire, you stop pouring gasoline on it

The idea behind all this is to reduce the human impact on global warming, as a member of the councilor’s office put it: ” If you have lung cancer, you quit smoking. If your planet is on fire, you stop pouring gasoline on it“.

And beyond the CO2 emitted by thermal cars while driving, petrol stations could pollute the soilbecause of the small puddles that sometimes form when motorists fill up.

California plans to ban sales of new thermal cars by 2035. This is exactly the same rule as the one recently adopted in Europe. We therefore better understand the need to no longer open new petrol stations but, on the contrary, to build a recharging network worthy of the name, like the future European network.

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