Lose weight successfully: 10 great tips

lose weight
10 simple weight loss tips from people who made it

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Long-term and healthy weight loss is difficult. That’s why we’re giving away 10 easy-to-use tips from people who have made it.

If you want to lose weight, you are first faced with a large mountain of possible methods: From WW to being slim in your sleep to a 5: 2 diet, the offers are almost endless. But even if most people start out motivated, many find it difficult to stick with it and actually reduce their weight in the long term. So what to do The portal boredpanda.com once asked those who have actually successfully lost weight – and the users revealed which simple tips actually helped them. Here come the best:

1. Do not demonize food

It’s not about good and bad foods. Try to incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables into your daily routine, however if you want a donut and it has room in your daily calorie balance, then eat the damn donut. Do not demonize food. Learn about nutrients, drink plenty of water, and get exercise.

2. Get the food off the couch

Who does not know it: You sit on the couch in the evening, watch an exciting film and grab chips or popcorn at the same time. Make sure you ban all food from the couch! Better to eat at the table and arrange the food nicely on a plate. This has helped me to eat more consciously and more enjoyably, which also made it easier for me to listen to my feeling of satiety and stopped eating when I was full. I lost almost 50 pounds in just over a year.

3. Forget about escalators and elevators

Avoid escalators and elevators. I always took the stairs! When I started losing weight, I was working on the sixth floor. I had to go to work earlier than usual just so I could take the stairs in peace and get to the top without sweating too much. In the first eight months I lost 20 kilos and now run a half marathon several times a year.

4. Only do sports that you enjoy

Stop forcing yourself to go to the gym if you hate it. Instead, look for a type of exercise that you enjoy. I gave up the gym – that makes an incredible difference in motivation! I’ve lost 50 pounds just doing what I enjoy for example, hiking, biking, yoga, swimming, and kayaking. Now I love to move and can’t wait for my next workout because it doesn’t feel like a workout anymore.

5. Skip lemonade

Forget the lemonade – seriously! I went for this after having at some point drank a can almost every lunch. After the first two weeks, I had lost five pounds! And I had also lost the desire to do it. That was years ago and Meanwhile, lemonades and other sweetened drinks are simply too sweet for me.

6. Buy smaller plates

Buy smaller plates. This will help you eat smaller portions. Voluntarily loading smaller portions onto large plates is difficult for many, however a smaller plate looks full with the same portion. This can have a big psychological effect: you still emptied the whole plate, but actually ate less than usual.

7. Be patient

Patience is not a virtue for nothing. Losing weight – especially when it is a lot – takes time, and it should be given to yourself. I lost a good 30 kilos, but it took about 16 months and I had to work on myself constantly. It was always a maximum of 500 grams less per week.

8. Check out your friends

Break up with friends who are trying to sabotage your goal. When you have reached about 90 kilos after a long weight loss and alleged friends claim you are getting too thin, don’t try to help you.

9. Allow yourself to fail

Make friends with the thought that you will fail too. It took me two years to really get into weight loss and lose 55 pounds. I still have 25 kilos ahead of me and it took a few months again until I really started working on myself constantly again. Making mistakes is part of moving forward – the process is not linear.

10. Follow the 70 percent rule

Start by eating only 70 percent of your meal. Then take a break, for example, chat with the person sitting next to you and drink water. You will notice how the hunger subsides because you are actually already full. And no, of course that doesn’t mean that you should throw away the rest of the food! Just save the leftovers and eat them later.

Source used: boredpanda.com