Lose weight: the 15-minute trick makes it much easier

+++ Losing weight: With the 15-minute trick it is much easier +++

The 15-minute trick is based on several studies from the United States. The scientists there found that just 15 minutes of use a day is enough to lose weight. The secret of success is self-reflection. All you have to do to lose weight with the 15-minute trick: document what you eat every day. The experiment cost the people about 15 minutes a day to conduct such a food diary. After 6 months, all subjects who had consistently kept the diary had reduced their weight by 10 percent!

Every mini-success makes it easier for you

If you think to yourself now: "Booah, no, don't feel like writing it all down every day …" – give it a try. There are great apps that can help you and visualize your little successes every day on the way to your dream face using the weight curve. And it works! Even if it is only 200 grams that you can reduce in a day, after a few months you will have visibly lost weight.

This works so well because the food diary makes us much more aware of what we eat every day. And if we immediately see that we are consuming too many calories, we can consciously change our diet to eat healthy and tasty and still lose weight. We wish you lots of fun and success trying it out.

+++ Losing weight with mandarins – why they are real fat killers +++

Tangerines are not only pretty to look at, they are also real fat killers. This is because mandarins contain an active ingredient called nobiletin. In a study, US researchers found that this active ingredient supports processes in our body that accelerate the burning of excess fat. Good to know: Nobiletin is mainly found in the white fibers of the tangerine, which you often peel off. So better eat them.

In addition, mandarins also make beautiful: the fiber they contain and vitamins A, C and E protect us from blemishes and aging. If you want to use this effect for yourself, simply puree a tangerine, mix it with a little yoghurt and let it act as a face mask for half an hour.

If you want to lose weight with mandarins, you do not need to go on a mandarin diet. It is enough to eat the healthy fruits regularly as part of a balanced diet – we wish you a good appetite!

+++ Lose weight with the 24-hour diet – 2 kilos less overnight +++

With this blitz diet you rely on a lot of protein and endurance sports. Subjects at the University of Freiburg were able to reduce the weight between 0.5 and 2 kilos with the 24-hour diet. Here's how it works:

  • To start burning fat quickly, exercise a lot within 24 hours and eat low-calorie meals. Carbohydrates and fat are taboo, instead you eat protein-rich foods that boost your metabolism. These include: eggs, meat, dairy products and fish.
  • On the first evening you do endurance training, then you allow yourself at least eight hours of sleep. The next day, 1 to 3 hours of interval training are on the program.

The good thing about the 24-hour diet program: you lose weight from the first minute and only have to hold out for 24 hours. You can also repeat the program as often as you want if the weight goes up again.

You can find out more about the 24-hour diet here: 24-hour diet: Lose 2 kg overnight

+++ Lose weight with the apple trick +++

Apples are not only delicious, but also real slim miracles. Thanks to the fiber pectin, they fill you up for a long time. In addition, they are low in calories and fat, boost fat burning and strengthen the metabolism – so the pounds drop quickly.

If you want to lose weight using the apple diet, there are two variants: the extreme apple diet and the healthy variant of the apple diet.

Extreme apple diet

With the extreme apple diet, you eat five to six apples a day for a period of two days to two weeks. You drink a lot of calorie-free liquid, preferably water or fruit or herbal tea, preferably three liters a day. In total, you only eat 500 calories per day with the strict variant – this enables weight loss of up to six kilograms per week.

But be careful: this amount of calories is significantly below the recommended daily amount of the German Nutrition Society. With such a crash diet, the yo-yo effect is virtually preprogrammed.

Healthy apple diet

With the healthy variant of the apple diet, you eat one or two apples before each meal. In this way, the feeling of hunger is satisfied in advance, we eat less and therefore consume significantly fewer calories. If you also rely on healthy and nutritious meals, you can reduce your weight sustainably. You can find out more about the healthy variant of the apple diet here: Apple Diet: The New Weight Loss Miracle?

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