Loss of the 10% pension increase after the death of a child: Olivier Dussopt wants to “change that”

Olivier Dussopt also castigated the large number of amendments tabled by left-wing deputies this Wednesday on Public Senate. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

The Minister of Labor announced the government’s intention to put an end to this “injustice” raised by the left-wing MP Karine Lebon.

Invited to the morning of Public Sénat the day after the day of mobilization which brought together nearly 775,000 French people in the street according to the Minister of the Interior, Olivier Dussopt returned to the climate of agitation in which the last parliamentary debates. “I am not a man of sleeve effect, I believe in explanation, precision, argument. Whenever obstruction gives way to debate, I could convince and be convinced“declared the minister, who wanted to prove that the executive was not closed to”constructive proposalss» of the various parliamentary groups.

I will take an example. Karine Lebon [députée de la 2ème circonscription de la Réunion, groupe NUPES] spoke to me in committee, and I learned that a woman loses her 10% increase for three children when she loses a child early. Depending on the regime, it is not the same age of the lost child that results in the loss or maintenance of this advantage. She convinced me“. Olivier Dussopt ensures that the majority will ensure that this “injusticeraised by the left-wing opposition:Of course we will change it“said the Minister. This new measure would thus enrich the “family rightsof the government project, while it is considered penalizing for women – especially mothers – by many opponents.

While defending parliamentarians’ right to amend, the minister took the opportunity to castigate once again the “obstruction of some left-wing deputies“, which he accuses of depositing “dozens of identical amendments unrelated to the text“. One thing is certain: the examination of the amending social security financing bill for 2023 still promises heated discussions in Parliament.

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