Lost Ark: A collaboration with The Witcher 3 announced

Lost Ark has been available in Europe and the rest of the world since February 2022, but a version of the game has been playable for much longer in Asia and more particularly in South Korea. Besides, players on these servers can enjoy more things, since the Western version is several months late. Nevertheless, the developers aim to catch up with it, with the various content updates.

On the occasion of a special event dedicated to the future of Lost Ark, LOA ON, Smilegate has lifted the lid on what’s to come for the Korean version. So we were able to find a new class, named Aeromancer in the English version, which is described as a class of ” synergistic damage », with a long range and a skill capable of summoning lightning. Its arrival on the Korean servers is scheduled for July 6.

The other highlight of this event is the announcement of a special collaboration, with The Witcher 3. However, no details have been released, except that it will arrive later this year in South Korea. In all cases, the western version of Lost Ark will welcome this new class in a few months, but also the collaboration The Witcher 3, which should be in the form of cosmetics. Just need to know when.

If you want to discover all the announcements of this event, which allows you to discover some of the things that will happen on Lost Ark, a summary is available in English, on Reddit. All of these things should also be introduced in the western version of Lost Ark.

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