Lost Ark: A release date for the June update – Lost Ark

Since the sharing of the roadmap for June and July of Lost Ark, many players have been waiting impatiently to be able to discover the content planned for this month of June on the MMORPG. Unfortunately, this update has been postponed several times, but the developers have just indicated a release date.

When is the Lost Ark June update coming out?

This update is scheduled to arrive on June 30 on Lost Ark, as the studio explained on the Lost Ark forums. The teams thank the community for the support and patience with the late release of this content. As a reminder, we will welcome, among other things, Vykas Legion Raid. This is the second raid of its kind, following Valtan released earlier in the year. We will also discover a new guardian raid and a new dungeon, but no new class, since this is planned for July.

The developers also planned to make many improvements, while continuing the war against the bots, which apparently peaked in early June. The teams are therefore focused on this problem, to try to eradicate them, which started with a wave of banishments a few days ago.

As always, this update will arrive on Thursday morning (June 30th) and will take the Lost Ark servers offline for a few hours, while the patch is implemented and the studio checks that everything is working fine. . We will share all the details of this update as soon as we have them.

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