lost on a mountain tour – snowshoe hikers had to make an emergency call

Two snowshoe hikers on the Luschasattel (Karawanken) behaved in an exemplary manner on Saturday afternoon when they got lost in the rising fog and didn’t know what to do. Instead of moving on, they alerted the Bad Eisenkappel mountain rescue service.

Since the woman and man from the Völkermarkt district no longer knew their way around in the dense fog, they acted in an exemplary manner and immediately alerted the Bad Eisenkappel mountain rescue service. As a result, three Alpine police officers and seven mountain rescuers were flown by the Libelle police helicopter near the Feistritzer saddle. The two hikers were able to transmit the exact coordinates, so they were quickly found. The mountain rescue service was able to bring the missing people to the landing site, from where the police helicopter flew them to the Riepl alpine inn. Fortunately, the two were very well equipped, since they had to endure two hours in the cold in the steep forest. Due to the avalanche warning level 3, the mountain rescue service advises you to find out exactly about the current situation on the mountain before ski or snowshoe tours.
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