Lost Places: Google Maps shows secret places

Abandoned factories, hospitals and villas: time has stood still here: Google Maps shows abandoned places in Germany

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an empty factory, a derelict train station or an abandoned villa. There are so-called lost places in Germany and social networks such as Instagram & Co. are making the trend around lost places more popular than ever. However, the locations are almost always a well-kept secret and therefore difficult to find. A public Google Maps map now shows countless such abandoned places in Germany.

Urbexing is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. Lost Places are sought out and explored. This includes cemeteries, ghost train stations, abandoned factories or gloomy bunker systems from the Second World War.

In reality, however, it is often not easy to find these locations because the objects are usually well hidden. “UrbexElite”, a group of like-minded people who regularly visit Lost Places, has set itself the task of a database in the form of a Google Maps map with abandoned places to create.

Warning before entering!

The Google Maps map offers a nice overview of dilapidated buildings. However, we explicitly warn against entering such locations! The risk of parts of the building collapsing and other injuries, such as falling, is far too great! In addition, entering is usually considered trespassing and can have legal consequences!

To enter such “lost places”, you should therefore always obtain official approval and never go out alone. Some “Lost Places” now also offer legal photo tours.

Huge collection of abandoned places

The Urbex card shows thousands of abandoned places, marked by red icons across the world. Since the card from the German-speaking “Urbex Elite” Facebook Community most of the locations are spread across Germany. But also in other areas of Europe as well as in more remote regions such as Kazakhstan or Thailand, individual marked lost places can be found again and again.

There is also a corresponding legend of the mapthat explains the symbols and their meanings. This makes it immediately clear whether it is, for example, an abandoned school, a bunker or an empty hospital. Anyone who clicks on a place marked on the map or on the symbol receives further information.

To the Google Maps map: Lost Places – Urbex Elite

Link with further details: That’s behind it

Often one or more Facebook links are stored there. Problem: If you click on the link, you usually end up on a Facebook page with the error message that the content is currently not available. According to “Urbex Elite” these links are only available to the most active members of the community. This is to ensure that no information falls into the wrong hands.

Behind the links there are Facebook posts that reveal further details and pictures of the Lost Place as well as current information about the local conditions. But even in the public description there are sometimes helpful details and sometimes even pictures.

Important to know: However, the makers of the card expressly point out that the map only has the function of assigning a location to the photos shared in the Facebook group. It is not recommended to visit the locations, as entering the property may, according to the creator, constitute a criminal offense.

To the Google Maps map: Lost Places – Urbex Elite

Lost Places: you need to know that

Anyone who visits Lost Places should be aware of all legal requirements and the dangers of urban exploring beforehand. Recently abandoned houses and villas as well as old industrial plants are privately owned. Entering these facilities is not permitted. If the property is visited without permission, it counts as trespassing. This is a criminal offense in this country and is punishable by imprisonment for up to one year or a fine.

More importantly: Visiting lost places also poses a health risk. Many buildings are already in danger of collapsing, stones and other objects can fall and there is a risk of falling on stairs or platforms. In addition, caution should be exercised when it comes to electricity, because it is not uncommon for individual buildings to be connected to the power grid and live cables look openly through the walls. Toxic substances can also be present in industrial plants. Particular caution applies to railway systems. Life is in danger here!

What is behind the lost place trend?

The lost place trend owes its popularity primarily to social media platforms such as Instagram. Alone the hashtag #lostplace now has around 2.8 million posts there and there are also numerous groups on Facebook for urbexing. The Lost Places Google Maps map was also created by a Facebook community.

So it is hardly surprising that most of the Lost Place visitors are well equipped with mostly professional camera equipment to take the most breathtaking and impressive pictures possible, which can then be shared online.

To the Google Maps map: Lost Places – Urbex Elite