Lost Soul Aside and Convallaria: Action-RPG and multiplayer TPS developed in China will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Interactive Entertainment supports the production of Chinese video games through the program China Hero Project. He has just committed himself even more to 2 titles this week during a conference dedicated to the initiative.

You remember Lost Soul AsideI’Action RPG under UnrealEngine created alone by Bing Yang? He has evolved a lot since his first trailerswhich is now developed by a whole small studio, Ultizero Gamesand is financially supported by sony. He will be eventually also edited by EIS, which will therefore release it exclusively on PS4 and PS5. An unpublished trailer (captured on PC, leaving the door open to a release on a personal computer) puts us back in the mood for this ultra-dynamic title with polished graphics.

Another title will be entitled to the same fate. Convallariaalso supported under the China Hero Projectwill also be edited by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This should allow even more people to hear about this GST multiplayer designed by Loong Forcewhich will offer parts PvE involving up to 100 players against huge bosses, in a fantastic open world filled with loot and possibilities. From gameplay unpublished allows you to discover the universe, if you had never heard of the project before. It should also be released on PS4 and PS5, and certainly on PC as well.

This should bring even more diversity to the catalog playstationhoping that the quality is there.

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