Lost your giro card: why blocking it at the bank is not enough

If you lose your wallet or find out that your bank card is missing, you have to be quick despite the shock, the card has to be blocked for payments. But locked is not the same as locked. With KUNO you ensure that your account is really protected in the worst case.

Girokarte gone: You have to consider this in the worst-case scenario

At least everyone knows the moment of shock: When all of a sudden this Wallet or EC card are missing and you just can’t figure out where they’ve gone. Sometimes the penny drops quickly, the memory returns. But if you can’t find your debit card or wallet, you need to act quickly.

It is important to have the card blocked immediately. You can use the Germany-wide blocking service for this, which can be reached by telephone on 116 116. But there are other options that we summarized here for you to have. But anyone who has had their account blocked via the blocking emergency call, in online banking via an app or through the customer service of their bank is also not quite on the safe side yet.

KUNO blocking service prevents direct debit collection

Because the normal blocking function only prevents transactions that have to be confirmed by PIN. If your EC card has fallen into the wrong hands, nobody can withdraw cash from the machine. But SEPA direct debit payments with signature are still possible. To prevent this, you can also have your giro card blocked via the KUNO service.

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The abbreviation KUNO stands for “fighting crime in cashless payment transactions using non-police organizational structures”. The joint blocking service of retail companies and the police is ultimately a database. Do you store the data of the missing giro card there or report the loss directly to a local police stationa message is sent to affiliated trading companies, “so that these payments with the reported cards can then be rejected,” says the KUNO website.

If you miss your bank card, you should always think about this possibility. Because without blocking direct debits, you are protected from your account being emptied directly. Still, a thief could make bulk purchases on your account undisturbed.

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